Exotic Dance Classes by AFV Exotic Arts





Open Pole Sundays! 1:45-3pm. Studio is open to experienced polers who wish to work on their climbs, tricks, and inversions. This is non instructional. Price is $10 cash. Open pole is maxed at 8 participants. First come first serve.


Poses, Posture, and Peels
Sunday Oct 15th 1pm-3pm, $50

Introductory burlesque movement class will have you strutting your stuff life a pro!
Learn Body Confidence, Stances & Poses, Body Framing, Posture, “The Walk”, Body Tracing, and Roll & Reveal in this exciting class!
Comfortable gym or yoga attire recommended. Attendees are asked to bring shoes or heels they feel comfortable dancing in and an oversized button up shirt or hoodie.

The Secret Formula
Sunday October 15th 4pm-5:30pm, $40 (OR BOTH FOR $80!!)

Want to know the Secret Formula to nailing your act every time? Whether you are new to performing or a seasoned stage veteran looking to breathe new life into your act this dynamic class will give you the planning and organizational tools to take your act from an idea to an art form! Learn to take the stress out of preparing so you can focus on being the shining star you are! This class will revolutionize the way you work and perform!
Tool packet provided. Bring a pen and notebook if you wish.

Hellcat Harlowe (Laura Mullaney) is a life long performer and 12 year veteran of burlesque. She is the producer of White Lightnin Burlesque and enjoys mentoring and educating within the burlesque community. She also has a successful career as a make up artist.
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About AFV Exotic Arts

AFV Exotic Arts opened on July 14th, 2012. Since then it has become a safe space for all who enter. Students, male or female, are encouraged to be confidently and creatively expressive with their individual sensualities… Oh! Hello…

Come inside! Look around! Make yourself at home…

Private classes are tailored to YOU. Whether you choose to explore pole dance, chair dance, burlesque, floor, or all of them, the curriculum is designed to create an exploratory adventure as we discover how to bring YOUR sensuality into the light.

“What I didn’t expect was that it would turn into my new therapy.” ~ JFC

Taking classes at AFV Exotic Arts is an enriching process of honing your Self as much as training your body (something that goes beyond what most other studios offer). Yes, you will learn new skills, you will build strength, you will have fun, and you will learn choreography; however, you will also discover an underlying drive and focus that will encourage a thorough metamorphosis. You will change.

On the wall in the studio you will find a picture of a woman wearing butterfly wings. Above her head it reads, “If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies.” I found this image in my favorite store a few months before the grand opening. I thought, “That’s perfect. That’s that branding for the studio.” It was as if that picture were waiting for me to take it up to Charlotte, so that it could find its home on the wall in the studio.

I invite you to look into the mirror… Welcome to your safe space. I wish you a personal renaissance that will “Liberate Your Radiant Perfection.”

AFV Exotic Arts is a private “jewel box” exotic dance studio in Charlotte, NC. Pole dance classes, chair dance classes, burlesque classes, and pole dance parties are offered privately by appointment. Anyone, male or female, may book private dance classes and parties. All participants must be 18. I look forward to dancing with you!