Burlesque Classes

All forms of exotic dance invite audiences to look at the performer, but none is more specifically inviting than burlesque. Burlesque makes an art out of invitation, flirtation, provocation, and nuance. Whereas other exotic dance classes will focus on the spectacle of spins, inversions, and tricks, burlesque is almost like an intimate conversation. It is theatre. The invisible wall that might separate the audience from a pole or chair performance is completely removed in many burlesque presentations. This requires a different set of performance skills (which can be easily incorporated into the other forms), and these classes will use fitness training as a tool to accentuate creativity, seduction, theatricality, timing, allure, stage presence, character development, humor, metamorphosis, illusion, and glamour. As a side note: YOU can be your only audience.

A few of my students who made pole dancing and pole tricks their focus for several months decided for one class to explore a burlesque dance. They discovered that they felt more sexy performing the burlesque . When asked why, they said that they were able to take their time looking in the mirror and really focused more so on their lines, their attitude, their flirtations, and facial expressions. Being able to develop the character, they let go and gave themselves permission to fine tune their character’s attitude and exaggerate all gestures and smiles.