Pole Dance Classes

Pole dance classes are an intense form of integrated training that simultaneously tone the core while also stimulating rapid strength gains. Pole dancing classes are similar to other dance techniques in that exertion happens both while the muscles are shortening and lengthening. This creates long, toned lines as opposed to stocky bulk. There is also a cardiovascular component to pole dance lessons, so this becomes not only a fun and creative activity that empowers self-confidence, it is also a powerful and efficient workout.

Beginners who are new to pole dance lessons, as well as those who are currently deconditioned, should not be discouraged by the challenge of learning to control their body weight. Total, integrated strength gains come quickly, and many pole dancing skills and exercises that seem impossible at first will quickly become much less intimidating. Stretching is an important component of all fitness regimens, and it is included at the beginning and ending of all lessons.

All classes are by appointment.  You must call or email to schedule. Your class is not confirmed until payment is made. All Payments Are Non Refundable.