“The Studio Has Created A Community Of Self-Expression”

“AFV Exotic Arts goes beyond what other “pole fitness” studios do. The curriculum focuses both on the fitness aspect as well as the more creative and emotional side. AFV knows that all students are new at one point, and the studio has created a safe environment for creative expression. You work with not only what you can learn, but who you are, and each lesson is a unique and challenging experience (both physically and creatively.) The studio has created a community of self-expression: a group of people who have come to appreciate their own unique, personal perfection.”

“We Concentrate On My Fitness And Dance Goals, And I Get A Super Workout”

“I researched for a while before I decided to try pole dance. I found Annie, and we hit it off right away – she is the best instructor ever! I have private lessons where we concentrate on my fitness and dance goals, and I get a super workout while I learn beautiful pole, floor, chair and burlesque routines. When I first went to Annie, I wasn’t working out regularly. I started to see definition in my body after that first session, no kidding! My friends could tell. At session 5, it’s absolutely unbelievable the muscles and strength I have developed and the gracefulness with which I’m starting to handle the moves. I have so much respect for the pole and so much fun that I now go twice per week and tell everyone about my amazing experience. I have so much confidence after each lesson…choosing to learn dance from Annie is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.”

“She traveled quite a few miles to teach a private, house party for a bachelorette trip”

Annie was absolutely FABULOUS! She went the extra (quite a few) miles to teach a private, house party for a bachelorette trip. It was phenomenal! Props, customized routine to a song we picked ahead of time, a saucy gift for the bride, her thoughtfulness about every detail – unreal. Highly professional, super fun, and played to all physical levels. Every single girl walked away more confident and that was the best part. We are already making plans to book again!”

“Transform Your Body Into A Leaner, Meaner, Toned And Muscular Machine…”

When I first signed up for classes with Annie of AFV Exotic Arts, I was simply looking for a physical transformation. Pole classes had been on my “bucket list” for quite some time, but I was always too intimidated to sign up for them. To be completely honest, I just wasn’t happy with my body and how I looked in the mirror. Knowing that pole classes require “bootie shorts” and tank tops, my discomfort with my own body had made me hesitate. Fatefully, my neighbor purchased a coupon, and encouraged me to join her for a drop in class. We had such a great time, and (no pun intended) I was hooked.

A year later, and I’ve not only gone through physical transformations (lost 7 lbs and counting!, while gaining muscle), but more importantly, an emotional and spiritual one as well.

Through my weekly classes, I’ve not only learned how to invert, butterfly, fan kick, spin, etc… I’ve also learned how love my body and myself in a way I never have the first 39 years of my life. AFV Exotic Arts is not just about fitness, AFV Exotic Arts is an exercise in self-acceptance, confidence, and self-esteem, and self love.

If you are looking for an experience that will transform your body into a leaner, meaner, toned and muscular machine… pole dancing with Annie will do it. But, if you are also looking for an experience to help you find your best YOU, AFV Exotic Arts is THE place. ~~ MFF

“I Love Playing With All of The Props and Making Badass Videos”

AFV Exotic Arts is an amazing studio. Annie is a talented instructor who teaches her students so much more than pole and burlesque dancing. She fosters an environment where her students can shine and really let their creativity come out. One of my favorite things about AFV is how much FUN I have every week. I love learning new routines, getting to play with all the props, and making badass music videos. Since I have started taking classes I feel stronger, sexier, and more confident than ever. AFV is a truly awesome experience!

After The Couples Session, My Fiancée And I Were All Smiles And Ready To Say Our “I DOs” To Each Other The Next Day.

“As a guy coming into this type of couples session I wasn’t sure what to expect. My fiancée had gone with a group of girls for a Bachelorette party a couple months back and it’s all they could talk about for weeks. Immediately though, Annie made me and my fiancée feel really comfortable and got me to come out of my comfort zone to really explore myself and my partner. When we were done with the couples session, my fiancée and I were all smiles and ready to say our “I DOs” to each other the next day. There is something magical about going through an experience like this with their partner and I definitely recommend booking a session with Annie!”

“Annie Loves What She Teaches And It Shows”

“I was curious about taking a pole class but felt insecure about learning with a large group. I heard through a friend that Annie taught privately and booked a session. It took one clumsy spin around the pole to be completely addicted to learning this craft. Annie quickly discovered my strengths and weaknesses, and she focused on choreography and work-outs based on my skill set and personality. In one year, my core strength and overall muscle tone is greatly improved, especially my abs and glutes.

Annie loves what she teaches and it shows in both her keen passion and technical knowledge. I constantly learn new spins, improve upon dance routines, and finish with intense exercises. I leave every session drenched in sweat, pumped full of endorphins, and anticipating the next class…thank you Annie!”

“I Always Feel Safe While I Am Learning And Invigorated When I Leave”

“I have been taking class at AFV Exotic Arts for almost a year now. I never had any idea that I would stick with it so long, and enjoy it so much. There is so much more to this kind of dancing than being sexy; it requires strength and skill, and if you don’t have those things, you will get them! Annie is always so encouraging and helpful when she is teaching me new tricks. She doesn’t give up on me and I always feel safe while I am learning and invigorated when I leave, ready to return the following week to learn even more.”
~ Pippa*

“I Decided To Give A Friend Of Mine A Bachelorette Party And It Was A Blast”

“I realized that I had stereotyped the sport of pole dancing after my first lesson. Annie is very professional and like yoga and pilates pole dancing will get you in shape quickly. I was invited to a girls party and it was lots of fun. I haven’t laughed and had so much fun in a while. After that I decided to give a friend of mine a bachelorette party and it was a blast. It was so interesting to watch Annie work so diligently with each person. She has a beautiful studio!!!!!”
~ Mary Etta

“I Feel So Much More Comfortable With My Body”

“Annie, i just want to say thank you for encouraging me to take these dance classes. As an older woman I was very insecure and afraid to take this step. I am so glad I did. I love when I am dancing and focused on the moment. I feel so much more comfortable with my body. Thanks again for the encouragement.”
~ Flo

“I Look Forward To My Private Lessons Every Week”

“Taking private lessons with Annie at AFV Exotic Arts has had an impact that has extended well beyond a “good workout.” Annie is an extremely dynamic and talented dancer, with a gift for teaching. Her private lessons are exciting, filled with positive support, fun movement, exploration, and reflection. Several of the exercises have been quite challenging, encouraging us, the dancer, to see ourselves, to accept and love our bodies, our strength, and our femininity. Annie guides us through a discovery of sensual movement while creating an environment of respect and safety – a unique opportunity to express through dance. I look forward to my private lessons every week and can’t thank Annie enough for all that she has done to bring to light a more empowered, sensual me!”

“I Leave Feeling Empowered, Rejuvenated & Inspired”

“I began taking Annie’s dance classes in order to have fun and try a new form of dance.  What I didn’t expect was that it would turn into my new “therapy.”  Each time I take a class, I leave feeling empowered, rejuvenated and inspired.  I’ve been taking private lessons, and when Annie demonstrates a dance I usually feel petrified that she expects me to move like that. By the end of the class, though, I’m doing the same dance!  It’s taught me that I can do anything I want, as long as I take it step by step.  I’ve even learned how to get upside down on a pole, which at first seemed impossible.  I can’t speak highly enough about Annie’s skills, as well as the attention and encouragement she gives each student.”