Chair Classes

Quite possibly my favorite class to teach, chairs are accessible to everyone.  They are the most versatile of all the props in the studio. You can mount, fold, slide, straddle, kick, push, rotate, master, or overpower them. Anyone you want to imagine will be sitting there, so step up and give this person the performance that suits your fantasy best. Let the chair become whatever, or whomever, you desire. Conversely, chair is a format of exotic dance class that does not have to be fantasy driven. They can be whatever you want them to be.

I will never forget the time I entered a talent show at summer camp. I must of been 16. I attended this intensive ballet and modern dance camp every summer during high school. I had a few days to choreograph a routine and audition in front of all of the camp directors. The dance I created was to “Caramel” by Suzanne Vega. I used a chair and a fuschia sash (probably one of my thrift store finds). The dance was sensual and in my mind the chair did become someone I desired. I don’t remember being nervous, not during the audition nor the performance in front of a hundred of my peers. It just felt right to me. Looking back, I could see that I was breaking away from ballet and finding my connection and freedom with exotic dance. I had the desire to be sensual through dance. Just about every time I teach chair, I think about that dance. Perhaps one day I will have a reprise!