Valentine Showcase Sendoff into 2014!

(pastie wearing, tassell twirling, boa fluffing, hat tippin, pole jamin’ good time!)

We just had the most crowded showcase to date!  People were packed in like sardines in a sardine can to see all of the great performances by the students. I honored each student with one adjective (and a box of chocolates, of course) which described what they brought to that particular showcase. they were: athleticism, fun, theatricality, sensuality, and boldness. I had decided to perform first- and to finally rock out.  Enough with the sad dances of 2013. This new year and new momentum was perfect for a rock out moment. I wanted to really go for it: red dress, red gloves, 7-inch heels, red roses, a violin, and pasties (you get the picture).  Miss “Boldness” had an anti-valentines dance that pointed out the materialism associated with the holiday. Miss “Sensuality” performed with a large, red ostrich boa and imagined that the boa represented a lover whom she kept going back to even if it was wrong (I’m sure many people can identify with that).  It was a very sensual piece.  Miss “Athleticism” kept it simplistic with a pole dance- no props, just her precision and flow to make it great.   Mr. Theatricality donned a military uniform and wooed the audience with a burlesque dance using the chair and slowly removed the uniform, stopping with the pants. Such a tease!  He later wowed everyone again with a very, very noir pole dance to “My Funny Valentine.”

The showcase was bookended with another rock out moment…and sparkly red pasties….with tassells. Miss “Fun” and I closed the night.

I would like to take this time to say that the showcases are held about every other month. Students who take private lessons are welcome to perform if they desire. Exotic dance is what you want it to be- no pasties if you don’t want to! AFV Exotic Arts is about empowerment and for you to decide what you do or don’t want to do. You are a choreographer in the studio and in your life 🙂